Gail’s vision: Enhance economic base in 1st District and the nation. “Looking forward.”

Gail’s Position on Important Issues:

National Debt
The most serious threat to our nation. We must cut fiscal budget losses and pay down our mountain of debt.

The border must be secure. We have to resolve the issue of aliens already here. The U.S. Senate passed a fair solution. It should pass the House now.

Health Care
The Affordable Care Act is a fiscal disaster. However, demand is present for health care for the uninsured. We need a customer-focused private enterprise solution now.

We need to grow our District and National economy to create new and higher-paying jobs. U.S. corporations have nearly $2 trillion in cash overseas. Let’s bring that money home and invest in business and infrastructure here, creating new and higher-paying jobs.

The U.S. isn’t the global police force. We must use restraint on foreign involvement while aggressively fighting terrorism.

Agriculture is a major economic industry in the 1st District.  I support the ethanol standards, soil and water quality programs (with limited regulation) and other programs to support agriculture.  I support the current farm program proposals.

Iowa has always had a top educational system.  Education should be under local control.  (I am a former school board member).

Social Issues
I embrace a smaller government model with less regulation. In regard to marriage and family issues, I feel those decisions are best left to the individual, without government interference.

On The Campaign Trail

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